EasyMax 402 Advanced and HFCal

EasyMax 402 Advanced and HFCal

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Equipment made by Mettler-Toledo for process research and optimisation in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors includes the EasyMax 402 Advanced and HFCal.

A small-scale reactor system called the EasyMax 402 Advanced was created for investigations on reaction screening, optimisation, and scaling up. It has a wide variety of operating parameters, including temperature (-40 to 180 deg C), pressure (up to 50 psi), and stirring speed (up to 2000 rpm). Reaction volumes can range from 0.5 ml to 250 ml. A range of sensors and probes are also included in the system to enable real-time monitoring of important reaction parameters like temperature, pH, and pressure.

The EasyMax 402 Advanced accessory known as the HFCal (Heat Flow Calorimeter) analyses the heat flow of chemical reactions. Understanding reaction kinetics and optimising process parameters depend on being able to calculate the heat released or absorbed during a reaction. The HFCal is equipped with a number of safety mechanisms to ensure dependable and secure operation and can work in temperatures ranging from -40 deg C to 180 deg C.

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the EasyMax 402 Advanced and HFCal are effective tools for process development and optimisation. The HFCal's heat flow measurements and the EasyMax 402 Advanced's real-time monitoring features provide for a thorough grasp of reaction kinetics and the ideal conditions for processes. Companies can use this information to increase the effectiveness and calibre of their production procedures and to guarantee the security of their products. 


Calorimetry for Safety Screening.

The EasyMax 402 HFCal: a reaction calorimeter designed for fast and efficient safety screening and characterization of chemical processes early in development.

Uncover Potential Safety Issues

 Non-scalable conditions, such as accumulation, bad mixing, mass transfer or dosing issues can easily be identified with the EasyMax 402 HFCal.

True Heat Flow Is Important

Unlike conventional heat flow calorimetry, the EasyMax HFCal determines the true heat as released by the chemical reaction to make the right conclusions.

Process Development -Fast and Reliable

Continuous monitoring ofthe reaction progress, the heat release, and possible accumulation makes process development faster and more predictable.



1. The EasyMax 402 Advanced is what, exactly?

Ans - The EasyMax 402 Advanced is Roche Diabetes Care's top-of-the-line at-home blood glucose monitoring device. It is made to make it simpler and more accurate for persons with diabetes to monitor and record their blood glucose levels.

2. What does the HFCal characteristic entail?

Ans - The EasyMax 402 Advanced has an optional feature called HFCal. Users can manually enter their carbohydrate intake as well as additional details, such their level of stress and exercise, to determine the proper insulin dosage.

3. What advantages does the EasyMax 402 Advanced offer?

Ans - The user's blood glucose levels are quickly and precisely read by the EasyMax 402 Advanced. Additionally, it has features that are user-friendly, such as the HFCal, a colour touchscreen for simple navigation, and a programmable testing reminder system.

4. How do I make use of HFCal?

Ans - Simply enter the carbohydrate content of your meal and additional details, like your level of exercise and stress, into the device to use the HFCal feature. The necessary insulin dose will then be determined by the device.

5. What safety measures should I take when using the EasyMax 402 Advanced?

Ans - Prior to utilising the EasyMax 402 Advanced, it is crucial to read the user handbook. Additionally, it's critical to routinely check the device for any signs of wear or damage. It's also advised to avoid touching any bodily fluids and to wash your hands both before and after using the gadget.
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