Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System

Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System

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Pipetting all 96 wells at once simplifies micro-volume applications like ELISA, cellular assays, qPCR and protein crystallization. With greater accuracy and precision, METTLER TOLEDO's Rainin Liquidator 96 streamlines any 96-well or 384-well plate application. 

It is compact, requires no electricity and comes in two volume ranges 0.5 to 20 L and 5 to 200 L. And because it is a manual device, Liquidator 96 is easy to use and requires virtually no training.

A manual pipetting system called the Liquidator 96 is created for high-throughput liquid handling applications. It is frequently used to efficiently and precisely transfer liquids between plates or tubes in research labs, diagnostic labs, and drug discovery facilities.

A handheld pipette that can simultaneously take up and dispense 96 different samples is the heart of the Liquidator 96 device. 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well multiwell plates are just a few of the basic multiwell plates that the pipette is made to work with. To avoid cross-contamination, the device uses disposable, low-volume tips that are simple to swap out between samples.

Users of the Liquidator 96 system may quickly and easily set up complex procedures and sample transfers thanks to the touchscreen interface. The system's lightweight, balanced pipette lessens strain and fatigue during prolonged use, and it is made to be ergonomic and simple to operate.

The Liquidator 96 system's effectiveness and speed are two benefits. It enables high-throughput processing of several samples thanks to its transfer speed, which is up to ten times faster than that of conventional single-channel pipettes. The system is a cost-effective substitute for electronic pipetting systems for labs with tight budgets because of its accuracy and precision, which are comparable to those of electronic pipetting systems.

The Liquidator 96 system is frequently utilised in a range of applications, including high-throughput screening, genomics, and proteomics. It can be utilised for a variety of liquid handling operations, such as plate reformatting, dilutions, and sample transfers.



1. The Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System is what, exactly?

Ans - The automated Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System was created to improve the precision and efficacy of manual pipetting. To guarantee reliable and precise results, it has a 96-channel pipetting head, a high-speed drive motor, and a precision control system.

2 . Why is the Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System advantageous?

Ans - A number of benefits come with the Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System, including improved accuracy and consistency, quicker pipetting times, and the capacity to pipette from numerous sources at once.

3. How should the Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System be configured?

Ans - The Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System is easy to set up and use. Place the pipetting head into the drive motor first, then connect the power supply, and then connect the control system.

4. The Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System is compatible with which tips?

Ans - Most common pipette tips are compatible with the Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System. Both flat-bottomed and cone-shaped tips, as well as a number of specialty tips created for particular laboratory uses, are compatible with it.

5. How frequently should I keep the Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System clean and in working order?

Ans - After each use, the Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System should be cleaned and maintained. This entails repairing any worn parts and cleaning the pipetting head, drive motor, and control system. 

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